One should study the Quran with the understanding that it is a direct address to the reader and that this book is the key to man's happiness in this world and the hereafter. No matter how bad a person's condition, this book can change that. If the reader of the Quran is aware of this, he does not even need to be told how to use the Quran. That feeling is enough to change that. For centuries, our persistent misconduct has created a psychological barrier between us and the benefit of the Quran. If we really want to benefit from the Quran, we must take care of the following:

How To Learn Holy Quran Recitation And Its Benefits?

Let our relationship with the Quran be so strong, let us be so interested that it becomes the center of all our attention. That should be our first priority. Regardless of the circumstances, we should read it regularly on a daily basis. No matter how busy we are, make time for it anyway. Remember that the pace of change that results from reading the Quran is not fast. This change comes gradually. The study of the Quran becomes fruitful only when it is done with consistency and perseverance and not a single day of ours passes without recitation and meeting of the Holy Quran. The more time we give to the Quran, the more it will be beneficial for us. The lucky one who reads the Quran several times a day is successful. Both the word and the meaning of the Quran should be used.

In order to bring about change through the Holy Quran, it is necessary for us to choose a suitable place to study it. We welcome a distinguished guest more than ever before and welcome the Holy Quran with respect. It is important to have the right place as well as the right time. Man should recite the Holy Quran when he is active, alert and physically and mentally ready.

How To Read the Holy Quran?

We should read the Quran slowly, let the words be correct. Play the letters completely and correctly. Our goal is not to finish the Quran or complete the surah. For the end of the Quran, we speed up the recitation. Especially in Ramzan Sharif, our desire to finish many things makes us fast. We don't know how many we've finished yet. In Ramadan, one Muslim recited many Quranic verses, but what was the use of it? What has changed in us? Our competition with our siblings and friends should not be in the amount of recitation but in how much we have understood from the verses of the Quran. How many points have come to our minds? How much has our faith increased?

Quran: Moral Code For Mankind

The Quran is addressed to all human beings. It addresses them directly. There are questions and answers in this speech, there are promises and there are prohibitions. Therefore, while reading, it is our duty to answer the questions of the Quran. While bowing before His commands, recite the words of Subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, Allah Akbar and Istaghfar-Allah according to the occasion and place. Prostrate on the verses of prostration. Say Amen after the prayer. If you read the description of hell, then seek refuge from fire, if you read the description of heaven, then ask God for heaven. This was the way of the Prophet (PBUH) and his Companions. By adopting such an attitude, we will be safe from scattered mental and inattentiveness.

All the objects that have been used so far for the use of the Holy Quran belong to the intellect, which is the center of knowledge and wisdom. Now the method we are describing is for the heart. The heart is the palace of faith. The heart is the centre of man's innermost feelings and emotions. The more faith there is in the heart, the more good deeds will be. This means that faith is a matter of emotion and feeling. Accepting our influence, bowing our heads, being impressed, prayer, supplication and recitation of the Word of God and growing faith in it all have to do with the heart.

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