Islam is based on the belief that there is only one God and that Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet sent to convey God's message to humanity. The first and second tenets of this faith are referred to as the First and Second Kalimahs. The Third Kalima also serves as a statement of ALLAH's superiority and singularity. 

It is said as a declaration of trust in Allah by Muslims. The third Kalima is titled "Recognition of ALLAH," however it is often commonly referred to as "Tamjeed." This Kalima declares Allah to be the supreme and one and only God, deserving of all praise and adoration. By repeating the 3rd Kalima, Muslims feel they are reiterating their unwavering belief in Allah's majesty.

3rd kalima in English.

All praise and thanksgiving are due to Allah; He alone deserves adoration as the Supreme Power. Only Allah, the Almighty and Powerful, has true strength and might.

Idea Of The Third Kalima.

The core idea of the 3rd Kalima is:

Praise be to ALLAH.

The term "Recognition of ALLAH" is used to describe the act of glorifying and worshiping Allah. In the eyes of Muslims, Allah deserves all the glory and honor due to the supreme power and greatness with which He has created the cosmos. Muslims praise ALLAH in a number of different ways, including via prayer, praise, and righteousness. 

Muslims always need to be reminded of Allah's greatness, which is why the act of glorification is so fundamental to Islam. One way to express gratitude to Allah for everything He has done is via GLORIFYING HIM. In the eyes of Muslims, ALLAH may be appeased and their sins pardoned if they GLORIFY HIM. 

Only ALLAH is worthy of being worshiped.

But ALLAH alone is worthy of our adoration; all else is subordinate. As part of our devotion to ALLAH, we must accept His authority and follow His precepts. It's a demonstration of our submissiveness, appreciation, and devotion to Him. To adore ALLAH is to recognize both His magnificence and our own utter insignificance. 

We also promise to listen to His counsel and to conduct ourselves in accordance with His regulations. Being the Universe's Creator and Nurturer, ALLAH is deserving of our adoration for everything that He has bestowed upon us. Prayers that ALLAH leads us to Him alone as our adoration. AMEEN.

HE IS ALLAH, the Supreme, the Great.

The majesty and strength of ALLAH are praised in the 3rd Kalima. Allah is the one God, and we worship him. God created the world and everything in it. He knows everything and can do anything. Islam's compassionate God is Allah. We seek his counsel and assistance in every situation. 

What is the 3rd Kalima in Islam? Complete Guide 2023

We give thanks and glory to him for all of his bountiful gifts and we testify that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet(P.B.U.H). With Allah's approval and a place in paradise after death as our reward, we strive to live in accordance with Islamic teachings. I pray that Allah guides us toward the truth. AMEEN.

Why the third kalima is so important?

It takes away our grief.

The third Kalima is a miraculous treatment that may fix any ailment. , and it treats a mild case of Sorrow. Every opportunity we have, we recite the Kalimah. Because of its ability to dissolve difficulties and eliminate barriers from our life, it is a fantastic instrument for treating illness. The 3rd Kalima is a potent dua because it allows us to petition Allah for everything we need. The Third Kalima is a cornerstone of our religion, and its recitation should be a priority for every one of us.

What a wonderful expression of our devotion to Allah.

As well as being a wonderful means to gain ALLAH's favor, this is a wonderful way to demonstrate our devotion to Him. This is a very lovely Kalimah, and we should repeat it with all the seriousness and dedication we can muster. The Third Kalima is a wonderful gift from Allah that we should all make an effort to recite often.

Remembering Allah and praising Him during the third Kalima is a powerful practice.

It's a great approach to keep Allah in mind and offer him appreciation. To "define the splendor of the ALLAH" is the purpose of the third Kalima, also called the Tamjeed. Only ALLAH is worthy of being worshiped, it says. He has been elevated to the highest echelons of greatness. This little phrase encapsulates a fundamental belief held by Muslims over the ages. 

By proclaiming our faith in Allah's supremacy, we show our willingness to submit to His will, acknowledge Him, seek His compassion, and follow His instructions. By doing this, we are demonstrating our devotion to Allah and completing our religious duty. As we recite the third Kalima, we are once again being reminded of the essential tenets of our faith and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to Allah.

It is equal to the achievement of one hajj.

If you recite the third Kalima in the evening before bed, you will have fulfilled the requirements for one hajj. Hazrat Ali(R.A) was the recipient of these teachings from ALLAH's last and most beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

Get a tree planted in paradise.

When praying the Islamic salat, the third Kalima is required. It's a public profession of faith in Allah and his uniqueness as God. The act of saying it publicly demonstrates a person's will to live in accordance with Islamic principles. Also, it's a plea for mercy. 

By humbly requesting forgiveness, we want to demonstrate that we understand our mistakes and will strive to make amends. Our good works will ultimately exceed our bad ones, and we will be granted admittance into paradise as a consequence. If you say any of the phrases in this Kalima, a tree will grow in the Garden of Eden just for you. (Tirmidhi)


The Third Kalimah is a crucial statement of belief in ALLAH as the one God (SWT). It is the very heart of Islam, and without it, our faith would be without something very important. It's not enough to just memorize the words; we need to know what they mean and believe them deeply. 

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